Our Services

Granite Electric is your source for experienced Fiber Optics and Electrical contracting

Our Services

Granite Electric is your source for experienced Fiber Optical and Electrical contracting

Who We Are

Chris Troy, President, founded the company in 1993. Chris is a Master Electrician with 25 years experience in the Electrical and Fiber Optical industries.

Well organized team !

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4519 35 St SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2B 3K9


Fiber Optic Contracting

ISP Cable Installation

We have intricate knowledge of the buildings in Calgary. Let us know where the service needs to terminate, we can get it done.

OSP Cable Installation

We have extensive experience and own the tools for OSP cable placement including Reel Trailers, Cable Blowers (Condux), Cable Tuggers and Duct Rodders.

Splicing and Testing

With our mobile splice truck mounted units we splice and test OSP cables on the street. We possess all the required tools such as multiple EXFO O.T.D.R.ís, EXFO Max Tester Power Meters, and several Fujikura Fusion splice machines.

Electrical Contracting

Our primary focus is the Telecommunications industry. Call us today for your electrical requirements.

Experienced Contractor

fiber optics contractor

Contact us today for information on how we can have our professional technical team to implement your fiber optics system.